Raw Carrot Noodles

I swear by low carb if I want to quickly drop a couple of pounds..

I`d use my potato peeler for making a quick and healthy carrot or courgette pasta, which I`d serve with the same sauce I`d pour over my husband`s grain pasta. Thanks to a raw food work shop, I also knew early about grinding raw cauliflower to resemble rice or couscous, although I often received weird looks when I shared this, in my eyes genious, idea.

I was extatic to discover that Tesco has now made those mainstream, selling ready to eat carrot spaghetti, cauliflower couscous and courgette tagliatelle. You can eat them cooked or raw. I usually do the latter (also makes sure you chew properly!!). It took me a while to try one of them, as I generally try to avoid pre-cut veg and plastic packaging, but one can`t resist a special offer.

I went for the carrot spaghetti, which I mixed with (still warm) grilled tomatoes and peppers, black olives and rocket. It was delicious and rather filling!


11 thoughts on “Raw Carrot Noodles

    1. Du, das ist sooo einfach, und sooo billig und sooo gesunnnnd! Und im Gegensatz zu Pasta hat es sogar einen Eigengeschmack. Wenn Du das aber nicht willst, dann wuerde ich eher Zucchini empfehlen.


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